Application Review and Approval Timeframe

Hi all, is anyone aware of the current average length of time it takes LG to review and approve application submissions? I’ve developed an application for my employer and it was submitted a month ago (31 days now), and it is still in the “QA Processing” status. Attempts to contact support via the 1:1 Q&A link in the dev portal are met with fairly generic “there is nothing wrong - we have not started reviewing your application yet” messages.

This is quite problematic, and does not reflect well on LG and the 3rd-party app development process on the platform. How are we supposed to plan for future updates where a) critical issues need to be promptly addressed or b) potential revenue is directly impacted by the application and its features? This is causing my employer to consider a change in direction for future development on the webOS platform.

My previous experience with LG’s app submission process was ok. In the past (approximately 2 years ago), I’ve submitted a personal application to the LG app store. That application and its subsequent updates were generally reviewed/approved anywhere from a few days to a week.

Can anyone share their recent experience on review/approval timeframes or does anyone know why reviews are currently taking so long to occur? Thanks!

LG Developer provides technical support for LG SDK and API issues. And LG Seller Lounge is responsible for app submission, approval, and registration. (See our app ecosystem.)
So if you have any questions/requests about app QA, please contact LG Seller Lounge here. Thank you.