Cannot read property 'lunaSend' of undefined

I installed the SDK and check the version:
% ares -V
webOS TV CLI Version: 1.12.4-j27

but when I use the CLI, it call the error:
% ares-device-info --device-list

ares-device-info ERR! uncaughtException TypeError: Cannot read property ‘lunaSend’ of undefined

my node & npm version is:
% nvm ls

→ v20.12.0


default → lts/* (-> v20.12.0)

iojs → N/A (default)

unstable → N/A (default)

node → stable (-> v20.12.0) (default)

stable → 20.12 (-> v20.12.0) (default)

lts/* → lts/iron (-> v20.12.0)

lts/argon → v4.9.1 (-> N/A)

% npm -v


Please share the results of the ares-setup-device -F -v. Thank you.