Download .avi from LG TV into external usb drive

Download .avi from LG TV into external usb drive

Hello everybody,

With my LG television, I use WebOS to access internet. I have tried to download an .avi file fom internet but I got a message similar to “Downloading file is not supported” from the browser.

I would like to find a way (via another app, via an external device or whatever) to download a media file into my TV or into an USB drive already plugged-in. Then, I would like the TV to play/read the downloaded file.

ny idea how to do this ?

In other words, today, what I do:

  • download a media file from the web with my computer (file of 700mo)

  • copy the media into an USB drive- unplug the usb drive from my computer

  • plug the usb drive into my TV

  • play the media to watch it with my TV

I would like to avoid those steps (using my computer) for watching my downloaded media on my TV.



My TV : OLED65C2

Downloading files from the web app to your TV is not supported. Sorry for not being helpful.