Error when sending ipk to my TV

Hello guys, how are you?

Guys, I’m the new developer of this project and started it today, the TV are on developer mode, I’m following the guide " Build Your First App for webOS TV" locate at Build Your First App for webOS TV | webOS TV Developer but when i try to delivery the app to my TV, i got the following error

“PS D:_dev\WiPlay\20230920> ares-install -d WiPlayWebOsTv
Installing package
ares-install ERR! [com.webos.appInstallService failure]: luna-send command failed <Can install only ‘’ app on developer mode>”

Anyone know what happen? May the guide is incomplet or i forgot something?

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This forum is only for webOS TV apps. If your app is for webOS Signage, please contact webOS Signage Developer Support. Thank you.