Focus Issue after using Virtual Keyboard

The following issue(s) when using spatial_navigation.js

I have a user login form. It has two input fields, one for email and one for password. The virtual keyboard comes up for both fields correctly. The problem is that after I hit Enter on the VC for the last form field. Is that the focus proceeds to cascade downward to all other elements I have registered with Spatial_Nav downward.

It's passes over the Login (submit) button, passes over the link for "Reset Password" and link for "Sign-up" downward to the bottom of the page where links in the footer for "TOS" and "Privacy" and such exist until it reaches the end. Then I have to use the RC keys to move back up to the Submit button.

This behavior is happening in Simulator 22, 23 and 24. I’m not certain what the problem is? I created video showing the issue. This video has been slowed down so it’s easy to see and understand. Here’s a link to it.

It appears that the activation of VC is intercepting the completion of the spatial_navigation.js arrow key movement, that it’s not flagged as completed. When the VC closes, it’s resumes trying to advance movement in the arrow direction, only it’s stuck on continuously trying to advance.

The RC (Remote Control) Arrow key event used to set the focus on the html Input is continuously fired after Submitting the VC Enter key. It does not stop continuously firing until I use the Arrows on the RC (only then does it stop).

If use the Arrow Keys of my Keyboard I’m fighting against continuous RC Arrow Key Event. This appears to be a BUG/Issue when using the Virtual Keyboard and spatial_navgation.js

Closed as Duplicate of Spatial Nav and HTML Select boxes?