Hosted Web application is getting killed in background


I am Developer from Xperi and In Xperi we are developing OTT Hosted WebApp for LG webOS Smart TV.

When opening other apps like Netflix and YouTube and returning to our application, our hosted web application on LG webOS TV is terminated in the background.

Is there a way to keep alive application while going into background?

Did not find any support in official document for this issue, Please help us with this issue.

register country : india

Note: App is not yet release. we are stuck in development due to this issue.

Thank you!

The webOS TV supports multi-tasking. However, if memory is insufficient, apps in the background can be terminated. It is normal operation, and no API is provided to prevent this. The specifications of premium app services can differ depending on the contract with LG, but we do not disclose the details. For questions about LG partnership, please visit > 1:1 Q&A > Partnership. Thank you.