Is there an API (like in Android TV) get screenshot of the screen?

Hi, I am looking for an API in webOS TV that allows a third-party app to get the current frame that the monitor displays, and it should also work from an HDMI source.

In Android TV, it is possible; here are a few references:

  1. In the following question, they suggested two APIs - TvRecordingClient API and MediaProjection: Is it possible to record external HDMI device in the Android TV app? - Stack Overflow
    A quick look at this question:
    java - Is it possible to use MediaProjection API and process every recorded frame during recording? - Stack Overflow
    Will confirm that MediaProjection API has the support to give you the frame from HDMI (if you read what the user tries to do, you will understand that he uses it on HDMI source; and in the first question, they suggested this API as an option for HDMI capture)

Currently, no APIs for screen capture are provided. Sorry for not being helpful.

Hi, thanks for the answer.
Is there an API to get the TV sound, including from HDMI input?

Hi, are you sure there is no API to get the screen?
I found this:
uMediaClient API Reference | webOS Open Source Edition (

We do not guarantee the compatibility of webOS TV apps with webOS OSE APIs. For webOS TV apps, please use webOS TV APIs only. Thank you.

Thank you.
You helped, but ChatGPT helped me sooo much more.
You don’t need your job anymore :slight_smile:

Don’t trust ChatGPT 100%!
I asked it about screenshot API on webOS TV but it doesn’t work at all.
Screenshot API only works with webOS OSE, not webOS TV.