Lg webos tv emulator 6.0.0 don't show any internet

I’m unable to connect the LG WebOS TV Emulator to any network. No mater what I try, it still show “Wire connection (Ethernet): not connected” and “Wi-Fi connection: not connected”. I use VitualBox for launching the VM, and no mater what settings in “network” I try changing, it’s still showing “Not connected”. Right now, it’s an access by bridge from my main WiFi card.
How do you do to make the virtual machine accept internet ? Or if it’s impossible, how do you transfer code from the WebOS IDE to the virtual machine ?
Thank’s in advance for your answers.
Edit: I also don’t have access to a lot of settings, in fact, except looking at those settings I can’t modify anything. And in “System”, I can only modify the time (for no changes).

webOS TV IDE is deprecated. How about trying the webOS TV 6.0 Simulator? Thank you.