Web inspector on webos 1.4.0

webos tv 1.4.0
for some reason some of the divs in my app are 1920x0. they also have 100vh/vw/% dimensions and relative positioning. this relates only to Webos 1.4.0. newer versions displays divs correctly (1920x1080).
i tried to debug with chromium 32/53/68/79/87. on those which works i cannot choose the child components while inspecting, only html component can be choosen. i cannot change css rules for child components to check if some of them works or not.
so the questions is:

  1. how to choose the child component for debug?
  2. is there list of css properties which are supported by each webos version?

We provide the webOS TV 1.2 Emulator here. Please check the issue with it. The webOS TV 1.0 uses WebKit 537.41, and the supported standard web APIs (in the webOS TV 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0) file can be downloaded here. Thank you.

sorry i dont get what exactly this will change. i running my app on a real TV under webos 1.4.0
and debugging it with different chromium versions. the emulator will do the same thing? (debug with chromium) so i dont understand how running an emulator will help ? the problem in chromium and custom dev tools page. i asking because running an emulator is kind of PITA. the emulator is super laggy, moreover i need the internet connection to test my app and when i setting the network (bridge to network card) the emulator freezes and remote control stop working. so at this moment i was unable to connect to network with my app. is there any way to use default chrome dev tools on chromium 32 … ?

looks like i found the way how to make internet and remote control work together. now i can use browser and search the internet. but after installing the app it shows me

You can download Chrome 38, the compatible version with webOS TV 1.0, here. Please try using this to debug your app. And if the problem persists, please share the div source code at developer@lge.com. Thank you.