Webos23 migration issues

We received an issue from LG Smart TV QA Management Team:
«We are currently performing the migration test of your app to the webOS23 device, which will be released to the market next year.»

Where can we get more information about webOS23?
How can we test our app to debug for webOS23?

The migration test is conducted before a new version of TV is released on the market. As this is a pre-test, you may have limited information only. LG Development tools for the new viersion will be released along with the TV release. Therefore, we cannot support issues on it now. For your information, this test is to check if your app is ready for the webOS TV 23. If you failed the test, you can and should submit your app to QA for webOS TV 23 distribution after the release. So if you need a real TV device or a new version of LG Development tools to fix the issue, please wait for the release.