Any appium driver support for webos test automation

For webos app any appium support is available for test automation?

Currently, no APIs and tools for test automation are provided. If there are any updates, we will let you know via our website. Thank you.

The WebDriver protocol is a standard interface for automating web browsers, and it can be extended to support other platforms as well.

To automate webOS applications with Appium, you would need to set up a custom driver that communicates with the webOS platform using the appropriate protocol and APIs. This would involve developing or integrating a custom implementation specific to webOS.

It’s worth noting that the availability and support for webOS automation may vary, and you may need to rely on community-supported projects or custom solutions. I recommend exploring webOS-specific resources, forums, or communities to find information on any existing projects or tools that facilitate webOS test automation with Appium or other frameworks.

Additionally, you can also consider alternative automation frameworks or tools that have dedicated support for CroxyProxy, if available, to streamline your test automation efforts.