App multilingual packaging

We are developing a new app and that app need to be multilingual so we have created a resources folder at the same level of appinfo.json and inside that folder we have create two json files ar.json and en.json where we are putting our key values for strings but when packaging the recourses folder is not being included in the packaged folders.
Any Suggestions?

Please create a locale folder under the resources folder and then write an appinfo.json file under the correct location. You can find more information in App Localization. Thank you.

Hello kim,

I have created under the resources folder two local folders one called ar and the other en and inside each one of the them I have added appinfo.json containing the same key/value of the top level appinfo.json but where do I put my translated strings that I want to use them in the app and is there a specific way to load the specific file based on the selected language inside the app. Thank you.

The appinfo.json is for webOS TV to identify an app and acquire other information required to install and run the app. With additional appinfo.json files, your app can display its title and description in different languages. And app translations should be handled within the app. Thank you.