Ares-inspect: connection refused

I am attempting to use the ares-inspect command to see the console logs from a service running in the webOS Simulator. Following the instructions here, I ran the command ares-inspect -d emulator -s com.sample.helloworld.service -o.

This resulted in the error:

ares-inspect ERR! [syscall failure]: connect ECONNREFUSED
ares-inspect ERR! [Tips]: Connection refused. Please check the device IP address or the port number

The app & service I’m using is an unmodified version of this example.

Is there anything else that needs to be done in order to be able inspect services that are running in the webOS Simulator?

Currently, the simulator does not support the node inspector for JS services. The guide you mentioned is for the emulator. If you need to check the log with the simulator, the only way is to use the web inspector. Please pass the log from the service to the app and use the web inspector to print it on the console. Thank you.