Assistance Required: Blank Screen Issue Leading to App Rejection on LG TV

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I’m currently facing with my web application, which is designed to run on LG TVs. The app embeds a website developed using React and TypeScript via an iframe. Despite functioning correctly in emulator tests, the app consistently encounters a blank screen problem during the store review process, leading to its rejection.

Application Details:

  • App Name: Connect Mazjid TV App
  • Technology: Built with React and TypeScript, the website is embedded within a TV app using an iframe.
  • Main Issue: The application displays a blank screen during store reviews, even though it operates as expected in emulators.

We have not implemented a restrictive Content Security Policy (CSP) that might cause such behavior, and our checks for console errors and resource loading have not indicated any problems that would explain the blank screen. Additionally, here is a list of dependencies used in the React project:

  • @emotion/react
  • @mui/material
  • axios
  • firebase
  • moment
  • qrcode.react
  • react-router-dom
  • swipe

Given these circumstances, I suspect there may be platform-specific constraints or hidden security policies affecting the application’s performance on actual devices, which are not replicated in the emulator environment.

Could you please provide guidance or insights on the following:

  1. Are there known issues with web technologies such as React and TypeScript or specific dependencies on LG TV browsers?
  2. Are there specific logs or tools provided by LG that we could use to diagnose these issues more effectively in a real device environment?
  3. Any best practices or additional documentation on developing and debugging applications for LG TVs?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance or direction you could provide, as we are eager to resolve this issue and successfully launch our application.

Thank you very much for your time and help.

If your app is a packaged web app, please try again as a hosted web app. Thank you.