APP Launch issue observed 55UJ630V-ZA TV

We are using the React 18.2.0 to develop the application for LG, but in one of the specific TV model our application is not launching. Please find the TV model details.

Model: 55UJ630V-ZA
WebOS TV Version: 3.9.2-62912
Chromium browser version - 38

Whenever we try to launch the application we get the below error message -
Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token )

Kindly help us to resolve the error. Thanks in advance. For more details, please refer the attached screenshots.

Chromium 38 is very old and does not support es6 features. You will need to transpile/bundle your code so that it generates es5 Javascript. Not sure how your build setup is, but you should take a look at that first.

Take a look at this: