Autologin or mutual TLS authentication in webapp

Hello, we are developing a web application for dashboard visualization. One of the problems we are seeing is that we do not know how to make the browser can authenticate in our system. Our web server runs on a wildfly and in PC environments, the user puts his username and password and access to the web, but for the dashboards, we want that when the TV starts, it authenticates on the web without the intervention of any person. For raspberry devices, we have used TLS mutual authentication with self-signed certificates and it works perfectly, but I would like to know what possibilities WebOS offers for the self authentication of a web.
Would it be possible to store the user credentials and password in some memory to later use this data to proceed to login?
Is it possible to use some kind of public key certificate to authenticate the TV in our system?
Thank you.

You cannot deploy your own certificates to webOS TV or webOS tools. Each webOS version has a list of trusted root certificates, and modification of this list is not allowed. For more information, please refer to TLS and Root Certificates. Thank you.

What mechanisms could we use so that the TV can be securely and univocally identified on our server? Our need is to authenticate the TV on our web server.

How can we use RFC 8705 OAuth 2.0 Mutual-TLS Client Authentication and Certificate-Bound Access Tokens?

Thanks a lot.

If you want to use OAuth in your app, you can use login for devices as follows: