Cant debug on webOS 4.0

I am trying to debug the webos 4.0 emulator with the new webOS studio from VSCode of which I am not having success using the chrome debugger, in version 4.0 I cannot import script tags using cdn’s, for example, I am trying to import the vimeo library but it gives me the following error
Failed to load resource: net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE
This error only occurs in version 4.0 of the emulator, in no other version do I have this type of problem with cdn scripts

This is my code

WebOS 4.0
*Cromium V68 for debug

Previously with the webOS Studio extension, I could debug this version by manually installing the emulators and using the old SDK and CLI, right now I am having these problems and I can’t know what is wrong or not in my code. uses Let’s Encrypt certificate supported from webOS TV 5.0. For more information, please refer to Trusted root certificates. Thank you.

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