Can't have 2 TV with dev mode


I have 2 TV:

  • LG C9 OLED
  • LG UP77 LED

I need to enable dev mode on both but it does not work. As soon as I’m logging in to my account on the second tv, the first logs out and it’s not possible to do anything anymore. It’s automatically logging out the first tv when the second is logged in (therefore not possible to do anything on the first tv anymore).

Even trying to renew a session is failing returning the following result: {"result":"fail","errorCode":"ERR_005","errorMsg":"Check user session"}.
It means that everytime I need to do do something I must redo the setup of the dev mode.

Is it a webos limitation to have only one tv working per house (per public ip address) ?

You can only sign in to one TV with one LG account. If you sign in to multiple TVs with one account, only the session of the latest TV that you sign in to is maintained. (See Turning Developer Mode on.) If you wan to use two TVs, please create another LG account. Thank you.

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Thank you for pointing that out. It works fine with 2 different accounts indeed :slight_smile: