deviceInfo does not return all information

We are using the WebOSTV.js library (1.2.4) in order to access TV-specific features and functionality but are experiencing some issues with this library for few weeks.

In the webOS API, we are using the deviceInfo method to get device information details (we mostly need data related to uhd, uhd8k and oled) but, these data we used are not given anymore.

We tried yesterday to see all the data given by the deviceInfo method, and we could only get the modelName, screenWidth and screenHeight.

Tested on three different devices (LG 2018, LG 2020, LG 2022), these are all the data we can get.

We are using this method for weeks and never had a problem with its data but we have these data issues for a few weeks.

Do you have any idea why it used to work and it doesn’t anymore ?

Sorry for the late reply. To check the issue, please share with us the following:

  • TV model name: (You can check this in the Settings > General > About This TV.)
  • TV software version:
  • webOS TV version: (This can be found when you click the TV model name in the About This TV menu.)
  • Region:

We’ve tried on several different TVs. Here are three TVs which have the issue :

TV model name: [LG] webOS TV UM7400PLB OU 65UM7400PLB

TV software version: 05.30.20

webOS TV version: 4.9.7-13 (goldilocks2-gyoen)

Region: FR

TV model name: [LG] webOS TV OLED48C25LB

TV software version: 03.21.45

webOS TV version: 7.2.0-47 (mullet-marine)

Region: FR

TV model name: [LG] webOS TV OLED55G2LA

TV software version: 03.21.45

webOS TV version: 7.2.0-47 (mullet-marine)

Region: FR

The issue is not reproduced on our test devices. Can you please check it again? For your information, we used webOSTV.JS Library sample app. Thank you.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src="./webOSTV.js"></script>
<body style="padding: 0; margin: 0; height: 100vh;">
<div id="shareConfigText" style="font-size: 100px; color: red;"></div>
        var request = 'Default text';


        if (window.webOS) {
            request = window.webOS.deviceInfo ? "Tokyo" : "Dubai";
            window.webOS.deviceInfo(function (device) {
                request = "Test1";
            window.webOS.deviceInfo((device) => {
                request = JSON.stringify(device);
      document.getElementById('shareConfigText').innerHTML = request;



We only get these 3 device info

Can you check again with webOSTV.JS Library sample app and share a screenshot?