Display an app over the other apps

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I’m new to webOS TV development and I’m wondering if would be possible to create a Web App that is displayed in front (in a semi-transparent way) of the other apps.

The idea is to create some sort of Assistant/Widget/Companion app that is shown always on top of the other apps, semi-transparent, in a way the user can click through it or navigate between the options of the app or the one behind it, interacting with both apps at the same time. For example, imagine a floating button or a side menu that’s always on the screen.

Does anyone had tried that before or has any tip on it?

It is not possible. If the user launches another app, your app will become suspended and hidden. For more information, please refer to App Lifecycle. Thank you.

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Thanks for the quick answer, @narae0.kim !

Is there any chance a feature like this coming in the future? Any roadmap to take follow up?

There’s also something curious I noted while testing some stuff. If I set the body background with transparency (at the CSS), for example, background-color: rgba(32, 32, 32, 0.3), when I open the app, the home screen is still visible (at least at the Simulator, I haven’t tested that on the TV yet).

There are some differences between them. We don’t have any plans for it now, but if there are any updates, we will let you know via our website. Thank you.

OK! Thanks, @narae0.kim