Exit popup not working on webOS TV

I implemented the webOS.platformBack() method to display the popup to exit the app but the exit dialog worked only on the webOS tv Emulator v6.0.0.

When I run it on TV, only the app launcher is displayed instead of the exit popup. Kindly assist.

TV Information:
webOS TV Version: 4.4.0-12 (goldlocks-gorce)
Model : 43UK6360PTE

The exit dialog only displays on the webOS TV 6.0 and higher. If you need it on the previous versions, please use window.close(). It will close your app without the dialog on all versions of the webOS TV. So you can use your own dialog instead. Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion. I implemented window.close() but it is not closing the app on webOS 4.4.0. Instead, it shows only the app launcher without closing the app. window.close() works same as webOS.platformBack() on webOS 6.0 by displaying the “Do you want to exit?” message with Exit and Cancel options.

I want the app to be closed completely. Kindly suggest any alternate solution.

Closed as Duplicate of Back button on home page not exiting the app in WebOS