Pressing back button on an active HTML dropdown freezes the app

I’ve just noticed a really weird bug with the back button when developing a WebOS tv app.
I built a really basic proof of concept app with JS’s Spatial Navigation and some HTML. It’s just a basic layout with some html text inputs and select tags. I’ve just noticed that when you open the options of an html dropdown and press the back button on the remote, the app freezes and becomes completely unresponsive. You have to kill the app and reboot it.
Has anyone else experienced that bug?
Thanks in advance

We are not sure exactly what problem you are getting. If the problem persists, please share with us the following at

  • Test video showing the issue
  • Your app .ipk file
  • Steps to reproduce the issue

And the following information are also required. (You can check this in the Settings > General > About This TV.)

  • TV model name:
  • TV software version:
  • webOS TV version: (This can be found when you click the TV model name in the About This TV menu.)
  • Region: