Facing issue while creation of basic app template with ares-generate


When I am trying to create a basic web app into themypath directory.
ares-generate -t basic ‘path’
Then it is throwing error:
ares-generate ERR! [Tips]: Invalid value : basic

in ares-generate --list command, I am not able to get the basic template.

So I tried with below webapp command,
ares-generate -t webapp ‘path’
the files are getting generated, but it is creating only three files

Does anyone know if I am missing any installation/command in my machine.

Please check again with the latest version of CLI. If the problem persists, please share with us the screenshot. Thank you.

I check the ares version,it is the latest version.
I uninstalled the ares and re-installed it but the issue still persist.

The latest version of CLI is v1.12.4. Please check again. Thank you.