Ares-install Error: Command

I’m using Webos-cli to launch an application on a device. I’m connected to it with the ssh key (ares-device-info -d return my device info correctly). but when i try to launch the application "ares-install Name.ipk -d device-name " it has an error “ares-install ERR! Error: Command ‘/bin/rm -rf /media/developer/temp && /bin/mkdir -p /media/developer/temp’ exited with code=1 (signal: undefined)”.
I’m on a Windows environment and can launch it on other lg device.

Please check again with the latest version of CLI. If the problem persists, please let us know. Thank you.

This occurs also on mac environments via Visual Studio Code too

Updating the CLI will fix the problem. Please use the latest version. Thank you.

I’m using 1.12.4-j27

VS Code extension is using WEBOS_CLI_TV environment variable.
Check WEBOS_CLI_TV environment variable and let the latest CLI is installed there.