Full screening a video element weirdness

I have functionality in the app which puts the HTML5 video tag in fullscreen mode. This works perfectly fine on my WebOs 6.0 TV that I have at home, and all the Simulator versions. However, when I try to do it in an Emulator for WebOS 5.0, it won’t trigger the fullscreen. The code is according to MDN compatible with the chromium version that is used in 5.0, so I wonder if this is an emulator limitation? Needs to be clarified. The code for anyone interested is as follows (Taken from MDN):

if (isFullscreen) {
            console.log('full screen come on');
            const videoElement = videoRef.current;

            if (videoElement.requestFullscreen) {
            } else if (videoElement.mozRequestFullScreen) {
                // Firefox
            } else if (videoElement.webkitRequestFullscreen) {
                // Chrome, Safari and Opera
            } else if (videoElement.msRequestFullscreen) {
                // IE/Edge

Please try using width: 100% and height: 100%. Thank you.

With OLED displays the screen goes to sleep with width/height 100%, but not with fullscreen.
So I think a better solution is needed.

Can you please share with us a sample app for testing at developer@lge.com?