Get input signal format

I’m building an observability platform for our fleet of devices, which includes a few hundred LG WebOS TVs. I’d like to query status info including the currently selected input, signal format, and picture mode. I’ve looked through the Luna API documentation but can’t find these things. Is it possible?

I would also like to collect the current software version. I tried com.webos.service.update/getCurrentSWInformation which returns the following info, but this is not what I expected. This is a CX model running WebOS 5.5.0-1107. Is there some way to get that version string via API?

{'returnValue': True,
 'product_name': 'webOSTV 5.0',
 'model_name': 'HE_DTV_W20O_AFABATAA',
 'sw_type': 'FIRMWARE',
 'major_ver': '04',
 'minor_ver': '50.56',
 'country': 'US2',
 'country_group': 'US',
 'device_id': 'b4:b2:91:42:0b:12',
 'auth_flag': 'N',
 'ignore_disable': 'N',
 'eco_info': '01',
 'config_key': '00',
 'language_code': 'en-US'}

We do not guarantee the compatibility of webOS TV apps with webOS OSE resources. For webOS TV apps, please use webOS TV resources in this website only. Currently, no API is provided to get TV input status information. Thank you.