Get 'muted' status

I need to get status of TV whether it’s muted or not.
I found a not documented method for this: luna://
It works fine on several different TVs: WebOS 2.0, WebOS 4.9. But on TV with WebOS 6.3.3 this method always returns muted: false independently of it’s real status.
Does somebody knows what else can I use to get status ‘Muted’?

You can use the muted property of the media tag from webOS TV 4.0. Thank you. Could you please be more descriptive? What is ‘media tag’? Where can I find it?

I meant the video/audio tag in HTML. Thank you. Thank you.
I tried ‘muted’ atribute from video/audio tag in HTML. It always returns ‘false’ regardless of the ‘muted’ status of the TV.