How to query for string in an array

I have a DB8 database with a Kind.
It has a “parameter”: genre
The genre parameter is a string array
I put only one record which has genre: [“sci-fi”, “drama”]
The Kind is indexed by genre.
Now I’d like to make a query, finding “drama”

query: {
from: kindId,
where: [{ prop: “genre”, op: “=”, val: “drama”}],

unfortunately, I could not find “contains” or “in” for “op”
Can someone tell me how to make query to filter the list by “drama” in genre?

Please refer to WhereClause object. There are operators for full-text search. Thank you.

Sure, I have already checked that page.
It shows the following operators:

<, <=, =, >=, >, !=, ?, %, %% (less than, less than or equal, equals, greater than or equal, greater than, not equal, wildcard, full-text, and partial-text)

None of them looks like an operator filtering in an array.
Did I miss something?

You can store the data as String and convert it after retrieval.