How to set more than one DNS server in webOS?

I am using dnsmasq on my workstation and connecting the TV to it, so that I can have an app running locally that the TV can run.

However this means that when my workstation is not running, the TV’s webOS ceases to be able to connect to any hostnames.

How do I enter more than one DNS server in the manual network settings, like any other operating system allows?

webOS TV supports hosted web apps. Please use a domain name and let your TV know the app URL, such as Thank you.

Thanks, but my question was specifically about setting more than one DNS server in webOS.

I use it to do direct development against the TV set, within all kinds of CSP/CORS related security constraints that require me to use this approach.

PS: In fact we’re already using the hosted web app approach. But because of said security constraints, I need to use a DNS server on my local machine to make the app fully work at the URL supplied to the TV.

Running a webOS TV app is the same as running a web app on a general web browser. There is no option for DNS server setting. It’s up to your server. As mentioned above, use a domain name and let your TV know the app URL. The TV doesn’t care what IP your domain name is actually connected to. Thank you.

Please make no more assumptions about my development environment and stop distracting from my question.

My question is whether and how webOS can be set to use more than one DNS server, as the field in the Network settings seems to allow for only one. Any other operating system allows for a list of DNS servers here.

And if you really need to know, the reason I need my own DNS server is:

  • Local development takes place on a workstation.
  • Due to various CORS and CSP restrictions, a fixed, fictional hostname is used for this that the CORS and CSP settings allow for.
  • Ordinarily, this hostname is set in /etc/hosts on the workstation for local development on the workstation.
  • Now, the TV needs to be redirected to this hostname in order to test the app.
  • Since the hostname is fictional, the DNS server on the workstation is used to make it point to the workstation’s IP.
  • But now since this DNS server is set, the TV can’t look up internet hostnames.
  • I want to add a second DNS server for this purpose.

Sorry for the misunderstanding. This forum only supports LG SDK and LG API related issues for webOS TV apps. So we thought it was an app issue. For questions about TV network settings in the TV menu, please contact LG customer service center in your region. Thank you.