Magic remote control

Why can’t I disable the magic remote control pointer?
It’s far from annoying when you want to control a device connected on the TV and you can’t because the remote “sense” that I pick up it and want to “help” appearing the fricking pointer on the screen.
Or, even worse, you are watching a movie, and touch the remote control and lost half movie because all the screen became polluted with unnecessary things link the pointer itself, the channel of the television, the bar of movie position.
There is also a problem with the energy consumption of the remote control batteries. There is no need to have this option if the user doesn’t want to.
Absolutely the worst idea ever from LG. It’s so hard to create an option of the settings menu to disable this function?
Or, publish a way to disable the function on the remote control. should be just a matter of disable a sensor on the remote, point it out which one and it’s a problem of the user if want or not to mess around the hardware of the remote control. I’ll be glad to do it…

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