Native player on WebOS 2.x

Hello all ^^
How i can start HLS-stream with static bitrate on WebOS 2.x with native player? Trying use option.adaptiveStreaming.bps.start like this


but player starts playback from the lowest bitrate (980906) then switch to the middle bitrate (2717863) and then to the max bitrate (4250472).

PS I can’t use 3rd party player because WebOS 2.x don’t support Web Crypto API, only software decrypter for AES128 in .ts-fragments (that’s very slowly) :frowning:

Upd: ext-question: How i can get current bitrate? “webkitVideoDecodedByteCount” don’t exist for video-element in WebOS 2.x :thinking:

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, option.adaptiveStreaming.bps.start is only supported on the webOS TV 3.0 and higher. We will update the document soon. On the webOS TV 2.0, please use the specific bitrate URL directly in the m3u8 manifest file. Thank you.

Thanks for your response :+1: