HEVC browser support

Hey there :wave:,

Quick question - any plans to bump up the Chromium version on webOS 22? Right now, it鈥檚 sitting at 87, and it can鈥檛 handle HEVC streams. A lot of us are keen on direct playing H.265 videos for that sweet, efficient streaming.

Upgrading Chromium would be a solid boost for media apps on our LG TVs, and I鈥檓 sure plenty of folks here are looking forward to that upgrade. Got any scoop on this?


HEVC is supported in webOS 22. You can find more information in AV Format on webOS TV 22. Thank you.

As far as I know, if the TV has HW support for HEVC, simply using the HTML 鈥渧ideo鈥 element will play the file. This will not work on the Simulator though, but if you try to play it on an actual tv with HEVC support it will play.