Parameters required for programmatic Ad

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I have a programmatic ad (Google IMA ads) in my LG app, I need some clarification regarding the implementation of the parameters: TIFA (did=) and is_lat=. Specifically, I’m looking to understand how I can dynamically fetch the values of these parameters from a LG device and subsequently pass them to an ad request. Also I’m not sure if these parameters required or not for LG, as I have used these kinds of parameters for Samsung app. I can share details about those parameters as well as request url for your reference.

What is Limit Ad Tracking?

Limit Ad Tracking (also known as LAT) is a feature which allows users to opt-out of personalization or IBA (Interest Based Advertisements). When this setting is enabled, the user will no longer receive targeted advertisements.

How can Advertisers access TIFA and Limit Ad Tracking?

Samsung Ads has provided two APIs to developers that allow access to TIFA and LAT with AdInfo API. The two APIs are:

|getTIFA()|Retrieves the Tizen ID For Advertising|
|isLATEnabled()|Retrieves the IBA Opt in value|

Important If the LAT = 1, in other words, if the Smart TV user has opted out of IBA, then personalized or Interest Based Ads cannot be sent in the ad response.

Tizen and Samsung TV APIs that handle platform and user-sensitive data require privileges that must be declared within the application xml before the APIs can be used. Please see more details in TIFA API reference page

Is there an inbuilt method that provides these values? It would be incredibly helpful if you could provide a sample or an example to retrieve these values.

Thanks in advance

Ads API is only available for contracted LG partners. For questions about LG partnership, please contact LG Seller Lounge at > 1:1 Q&A > Partnership. Thank you.