PlayReady Security Level 3000 Clients


My questions are around these publications

  1. Does LG TV platforms pass the security level info to the License server so the license server can enforce drm policies per device?

  2. Does the web apps have any api exposed to know the security level of TV platform? If yes, which api is that and can they be used to set a particular security level?

  3. If LG TV’s are compliant to SL3000, the hardware chain of trust is supported under TEE?

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I am also looking for the same information. Could you please help if you found anything regarding your question.

Thanks in advance.

The webOS TV uses TEE and supports the highest level of security defined by each DRM.
However, in the webOS TV app, only some specific streaming protocol and DRM combinations are supported. (See Streaming Protocol and DRM.) To use PlayReady or Widevine Modular, you should implement your own player with HTML5 MSE/EME or use third party solutions like Shaka Player. So DRM-related specifications are up to the app.