Protocol + drm for live stream?

i wanna play live stream with drm on webos 3.0+
which protocol this device supports? i looked into the docs and saw this
Playready + HTML5 MSE/EME
AES128 + HLS

but what does it mean?
i can play HLS/DASH/MSS(?) in HTML5 (MSE)
i tried DASH + playready (shaka) it doesnt work (shaka is using MSE)
i tried DASH + widevine (shaka) it doesnt work (shaka is using MSE)

which protocol + drm should i use for playback live streams on webos 3.0 +?

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In the webOS TV app, only some specific streaming protocol and DRM combinations are supported. To use PlayReady or Widevine Modular DRM, you should implement your own player with HTML5 MSE/EME or use third party solutions like Shaka Player. So DRM-related specifications are up to the app.
We support HTML5 MSE/EME, not DASH. You cannot use DASH with the native player. If you are using an HTML5 MSE/EME player, DASH support is up to the player. If your player supports DASH, you can use DASH. But this means that DASH is processed by the player, not the webOS TV. Therefore, most cases we cannot help you.