Seeking Solutions to Prevent Screen Saver Activation for Masjid TV App on LG webOS

Hello LG Developer Community,

I am developing a web application designed to display prayer times on TVs in masjids. This app shows continuous updates of prayer times and requires the screen to remain active without going into screen saver mode or turning off. The app is hosted on a website and is embedded within an LG webOS TV application using an iframe.

Despite my efforts to keep the screen awake, the screen saver activates, and I am looking for solutions to prevent this. Here’s what I have tried so far:

  1. Dynamic Content Updates: The website includes a live clock and a countdown timer that updates every second. Despite these dynamic elements, the screen saver still activates.
  2. JavaScript Tricks:
    *Frequent DOM Updates: I’ve tried updating a hidden DOM element (<div id="keepAliveElement">) every 30 seconds to simulate activity. This did not prevent the screen saver.
  3. webOS Library: Also tried using this webOS library to disable screen saver but couldn’t find any setting that disables it

Unfortunately, none of these methods have successfully kept the screen from entering screen saver mode. Given the nature of the application, it’s crucial for the prayer times to be displayed continuously without interruption.

I would greatly appreciate any advice, insights, or suggestions on how to keep the LG webOS screen active for this type of application. Are there any specific APIs, settings, or techniques recommended by LG for keeping the screen active that I might have overlooked?

Thank you for your help!

Currently, no API is provided to disable the screensaver. Please refer to Screensaver. Thank you.