Send key messages by web apps

I want to send key message by web apps, How can i do?

like this : web app send volume-key to web os, how to do it?

If this is about the volume of the current media content, you can use the volume property of the audio/video tag on the webOS TV 4.0 and higher. For TV volume, you can use Audio API. It provides volumeUp/Down method. Thank you.

I mean could user apps send key to tv device?

I’m not sure what you mean. What exactly do you want to do?

We want to use a WebApp or service to simulate the sending of remote control keys. The most important requirement is that you can use this WebApp to control TV. For example, send up, down, left and right keys

Currently, no APIs for sending the remote control keys are provided. You can only handle user input using the event listener. (See Remote Control.) Thank you.