Keycodes for LG webOS standard and magic remote

I am developing an app for LG TV (webOS) and I would like to know the key codes of both standard remote and the magic remote. I referred many links but nothing worked. Kindly share me the working key codes especially for play, pause, forward, rewind and stop keys.

You can check the keycode using this sample app. Or please use event listener for the keydown event as follows:

    document.addEventListener("keydown", function(inEvent) {  	
        var message = "<h1>" + "Keycode is " + inEvent.keyCode + "</h1>"+ "<br>";  	
        document.getElementById("results").innerHTML = message;

For your information, webOS TV Emulator 6.0 currently has an issue with the media keycodes, and there is no update schedule for this. To check the keycodes, please use webOS TV Emulator 5.0 or webOS TV. Thank you.

I have found the keycodes for the media keys on webOS Emulator 6.0 and it worked. I hope it is stable for previous webOS versions also.

:arrow_forward: – 179
:pause_button: – 19
:fast_forward: – 228
:rewind: – 227
:stop_button: – 169

Please check again with the webOS TV Emulator 5.0. The media keycodes of the webOS Emulator 6.0 do not match the real TV device. The following is correct. Thank you.
:arrow_forward: – 415
:pause_button: – 19
:fast_forward: – 417
:rewind: – 412
:stop_button: – 413