Service that discover if TV is turned on/off

I want to integrate my LG WebOS TV with my Fibaro home center. My first task would be to create a WebOS service that subsribes to events from the TV. I want events telling me if the TV is turned on or off, which is the minimum requirement for integration with a smart home. How can I go about creating this?

Currently, no API is provided to subscribe TV on/off events. Sorry for not being helpful.

How do you expect webOS TV’s to be integrated with smart homes then? Polling data is the only option now as far as I can see. Making it possible to react on events from “smart” devices is kind of the whole idea of a ‘smart’ home, is it not? I know it is possible to use uPNP to consistenly sending out an M-SEARCH and check for a response to see if the TV is turned on, but this is inefficient, and it is not very robust. How much work is it to expose a ‘com.webos.service.tvpower’ service?

And even more important - how can I assist and succeed in pushing forward such a change?

We don’t have any plans for it now, but if there are any updates, we will let you know via our website. Thank you.