Vertical Scrollbar does not appear or work

I’m trying to get the vertical browser scrollbar to display and function with the up/down arrow keys of the simulator remote. Everything works fine when accessing it directly via a web browser on my PC. It however does not work in the Simulator.

It’s a TOS page which is lengthy and requires the user to scroll up/down to read through it. I’m working with spatial_navigation.js in the project.

I have tried testing things on a simple web page that’s purely HTML hoping perhaps that the vertical browser scrollbar would appear and work with 2 way arrow control (at the very least)

The remote control example was pretty basic and didn’t cover this (at least that I could find or notice).

I’m actually wondering how to work with

tags that have scrollable content which require that the focus would be on the
. Where I could scroll up/down (2 way control) on a page with a number of other focusable elements. Do I need to fire off a onclick event to enable/disable the SpatialNavigation?

I’m not certain about the best practices regarding this aspect of WebTV App design.

I wish there had been more examples in the remote control GitHub.

Any tips/advice or help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Please refer to Remote Control sample app. There is a scroll in the list and you can test this sample with the simulator. Thank you.