Vertical Scrollbar does not appear or work

I’m trying to get the vertical browser scrollbar to display and function with the up/down arrow keys of the simulator remote. Everything works fine when accessing it directly via a web browser on my PC. It however does not work in the Simulator.

It’s a TOS page which is lengthy and requires the user to scroll up/down to read through it. I’m working with spatial_navigation.js in the project.

I have tried testing things on a simple web page that’s purely HTML hoping perhaps that the vertical browser scrollbar would appear and work with 2 way arrow control (at the very least)

The remote control example was pretty basic and didn’t cover this (at least that I could find or notice).

I’m actually wondering how to work with

tags that have scrollable content which require that the focus would be on the
. Where I could scroll up/down (2 way control) on a page with a number of other focusable elements. Do I need to fire off a onclick event to enable/disable the SpatialNavigation?

I’m not certain about the best practices regarding this aspect of WebTV App design.

I wish there had been more examples in the remote control GitHub.

Any tips/advice or help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Please refer to Remote Control sample app. There is a scroll in the list and you can test this sample with the simulator. Thank you.

I had noticed that the Browser Scrollbars don’t always appear in the same way that desktop or other browsers on other devices work. The sample app didn’t exactly show me the right kind of example I needed.

I managed to achieve victory at last with some creative Javascript/CSS tricks. It’s been interesting coming up with solutions as alternatives to Page Up/Page Down key code events or Mouse Scroll Wheel events.

I’ve resorted to using the OK button to toggle interaction state control. To enable/disable emulation of Page Up/Down behavior or Scroll Wheel behavior.

Along with providing visuals to indicate the state changes for how to interact with things.

Rather interesting making a scrollable iframe or element be registered as a spatial navigation element, then providing the user with a means to engage in interacting with it via the OK button, which changes how the up/down keys function. Then to hit OK button to escape from it and be able to spatial navigate around to other things.