Web application is not location static folder directly

When we run the web app application in Visual studio using webOs TV device.

Once we install the application, webOs is not detecting static folder file directly.

At first our index.html file have the below code for location static folder

<script defer="defer" src="/static/js/main.db26ae79.js"></script>
<link href="/static/css/main.c1a6c5ea.css" rel="stylesheet" />

When I try to run with the same index.html which is created at the time of build. The application is not running. Once I add a dot (.) in front it loads the application in TV

<script defer="defer" src="./static/js/main.db26ae79.js"></script>
<link href="./static/css/main.c1a6c5ea.css" rel="stylesheet" />

Closed as Duplicate of Image not loading in LG