What framework to use in OTT app for webOS?

Hi eveyone. i am building an OTT app. i can’t decide what framework to use. should i use enact.js or react or next or vue or nuxt or even maybe vanilla js? i am lost completely.
currenly I have knowledge of react/next.

thanks in advance for the kind responses :slightly_smiling_face:

We cannot recommend some specific framework or library. As you may know, webOS TV uses different web engines depending on the webOS version. So please check compatibility with the web engine first. Thank you.

well, right now i have started using enact.js and the question is how do i know the html,css,js and any framework or library i use is compatible with LG TV’s manufactured since 2020

In case of Enact, you can refer to Enyo and Enact Guide. For other frameworks and libraries, please contact support for the framework or library you want to use. Thank you.

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