Enactjs on webos 4 till latest

I am developing LG TV app for webos4 and above till 23 using enact 3.4.9 and sandstone 1.4.6
I am running my app on TV (version webos 4.9 ) I got no error on TV but the virtualgridlist not moving down on key down with the spotlight focus,while it is working fine on emulator webos 4, can any one help me? Can I use same libraries and same app for developing app on webos 4 till 23 using enactjs and sandstone? if so which version should I use?
this is the package.json
“dependencies”: {
@enact/core”: “^3.4.9”,
@enact/i18n”: “^3.4.9”,
@enact/spotlight”: “^3.4.9”,
@enact/ui”: “^3.4.9”,
@enact/webos”: “^3.4.9”,
@enact/sandstone”: “^1.4.6”,
@reduxjs/toolkit”: “^1.8.6”,
“axios”: “^0.27.2”,
“ilib”: “^14.15.1”,
“intl-pluralrules”: “^1.3.1”,
“prop-types”: “^15.8.1”,
“react”: “^18.2.0”,
“react-dom”: “^18.2.0”,
“react-redux”: “^8.0.4”,
“redux”: “^4.2.0”

Please refer to Enyo and Enact Guide. Enact 3.4.9 (Sandstone 1.4.6) is supported in the webOS TV 6.0 and higher. Thank you.

so I should use Enact 1.13 to develop app on webos 4, which moonstone version is supported?
can I choose enact version for each webos version in the same app code? is this feasible?
or enact 1.13 can work normally from webos 4 till 23?

Early versions of Enact included Moonstone. If there is no Moonstone, you can use the same version of Moonstone as Enact. We believe there will be backwards compatibility, but this has not been verified, so it is recommended to use the supported version of Enact for each webOS version. Thank you.