Wrong video resolution

Hi All,

We’ve an App developed for webOS which loads a simple video. This is the code:

    <source src="https://file-examples.com/storage/fe4658769b6331540b05587/2017/04/file_example_MP4_640_3MG.mp4">

When I load this in the screen web browser, the video has 800x600 and is played in that resolution.

When I use the webos app I’ve created and I open the app in the device, the video window has 800x600 but the video itself if played in much bigger resolution inside that 800x600 area.

I already tryied a lot of css and I can’t control that. It seems it’s a device particular spec which doesn’t affect the device’s browser.

Anyone experienced such a thing?

The device model I’m using is:


I’m also sending two pictures to show the result in the device’s browser and inside the webos app itself.

Any help, will be much apreciated.


32SM5J-BP is one of the webOS Signage model. Please contact webOS Signage Developer Support at http://webossignage.developer.lge.com/common-page/contact-us. Thank you.