Doubt regarding the Simulator viewport size and app design

While developing my app, I’ve noticed that the Simulator 6.0 and 22, both applied a “zoom out” to the viewport. Forcing the size to 1280x720p. Now, if the app is open in a any other common browser, as default, there is no “zoom out” to the viewport. Thus the design of html elements looks different from what the simulator shows.

My question is, should we assume the final app, once publish, will also have a “zoom out” on a proper tv? Meaning, should we design the app for a 1280x720p resolution or for 1920x1080p, or should we design the app for both (adding media queries if needed)?

It depends on the model. FHD TV models support 1280 x 720 and UHD TV models support 1920 x 1080. For more information, please refer to Supported App Resolution. Thank you.