About using FFmpeg

I’m trying to develop a video player app that runs on a webOS TV using the FFmpeg library.
Please help me on how to develop an app using these native libraries (C, C++) on webOS.

Currently, webOS TV NDK is only available for contracted partners of LG. For LG partnership, please visit https://seller.lgappstv.com > 1:1 Q&A > Partnership and discuss this with them. Thank you.

Being able to use webOS TV NDK
As shown in the url below, do you mean that I build and use it myself?

Or is there something called webOS TV NDK provided?

I wonder how you will use the webOS TV NDK after becoming contracted partners of LG.

The webOS TV reference lacks a description of this.
I’d appreciate any helpful explanations for these or pointing me to a reference location that might be helpful.

We do not guarantee the compatibility of webOS TV apps with webOS OSE resources. For webOS TV apps, please use webOS TV resources in this website only. And we do not disclose the details of our partner resources. Please contact LG Seller Lounge as above. Thank you.