Native language (C, C++) support issues

I’m trying to create an application that runs on webOS TV using the FFmpeg library.
To use FFmpeg, native languages (C, C++) must be supported, so I posted a question about this below.
And I received an answer saying that in order to use the NDK, an LG partnership agreement must be signed first.
So in the LG Seller Lounge 1:1 Q&A
I inquired that I would like to sign an LG partnership contract for the use of NDK.

But the answer I got is:

Unfortunately, it seems that the NDK feature cannot be supported even when the deal proceeds.
We deeply apologize for not being able to assist you.
If you still wish to contract with us, please re-open the ticket and let us know.

From the contents of the answer, it seems that NDK support for using native languages (C, C++) is fundamentally impossible.

Is this answer correct?

This is the first time I’ve seen development that can’t use native languages (C, C++).

We do not disclose the details of our partner resources. For further questions, please contact LG Seller Lounge. Thank you.