Back key is not working even disableBackHistoryAPI :true or false does not effect

Back is not working as defined by hosted app
disableBackHistoryAPI : true or false working same .

LG QNED 2022 model.

window.addEventListener("keydown", (event)=> console.log('back evnet'));  --->> back key not hit these event listener  even its globally 

only in 2022 model we are seeing this issue 

Can you check again with Remote Control sample app? If the problem persists, please let us know. Thank you. thank you for reply, its not working with remote app aslo

Please check again with Back Button Control sample app.
If the problem persists, please email us a video showing the issue and the following at

  • TV model name: (You can check this in the Settings > General > About This TV.)
  • TV software version:
  • webOS TV version: (This can be found when you click the TV model name in the About This TV menu.)
  • Region: