Can XHR disk cache be enabled?

We’re building an app with a navigational hierarchy that involves going Back and re-building the previous page using our API’s responses.

We notice that when going Back, XHR network requests that are stored in disk cache on our workstations’ browsers, do not get cached in any way in our app on the webOS TV, based on inspection of the Network tab in the inspector.

Can disk cache for XHR/fetch calls be enabled in a webOS TV app?

If not, are there recommendations for caching network calls?

The impact of the absence of network cache is that it’s very slow to go Back in our webOS app.

It’s not much different from general web app development. The LG web browser engine supports cookies and saves cache for enhanced performance. The stored cache is used only while the web browser engine is running and is not used anymore once an app has been terminated. And only hosted web apps can use cookies. Thank you.