Service worker caching

From the documentation here Web API and Web Engine | webOS TV Developer , it says “The stored cache is used only while the web browser engine is running and is not used anymore once an app has been terminated” , does that mean, any browser cache (disk cache) would be cleared once the app is terminated ? Is it applicable for service worker cache as well ?

We are not sure exactly what your question is. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know more details. Thank you.

We have a hosted web app (the actual content of the app is hosted on a remote web server), for which the browser engine downloads the asset JS, CSS, fonts images etc. As Webos is a chromium based one, we are under impression that those assets would be cached as any web browser would do in its disk cache so whenever user open the application again the assets would be served from the cache instead requesting from network. But looking into the documentation it mentions that the stored cache would not be used once the app is terminated. We wanted to confirm if it will not store the assets in its disk cache so that it will be served from the disk cache and also if its applicable for service worker also. Meaning, does the service worker cache will also be cleared or deleted once the app is terminated ?

Sorry for the late reply. It is the same. The service worker cache will also be deleted. Thank you.

thanks for your reply, is there any option for us to cache between app launches so that we have lesser app launch time for the user second time onwards ?